About Rhonda~

<H2> About Me </H2>
My first camera, a Polaroid, led to countless hours hunting bugs, flowers, frogs and dolls. This progressed to composing subjects through angle and lighting, learning from experience, constantly expressing myself visually. I am continuously inspired by the simplest of objects; I love playing around with light to create different images and moods. I like how a photograph, unlike the other visual arts, is eternally bound to reality in a more profound way. Photographs are so woven into the fabric of everyday life that many people scarcely give them a second thought. I am aware that it is increasingly difficult to define 'reality' in photography, now that we are living in a digital age.  I have embraced the creative possibilities of the computer, combining my love of photography and the creativity of digital art.

Despite my passion for photography I initially saw it best to pursue science-based courses, seeing photography simply as a hobby.  However after much reflection on what I want out of life, I changed my direction to studying a subject that really matters to me.  I am grateful to my husband and my two adult children for their support.  With their encouragement I have the ability to explore my craft without compromise.  

I’ve been an artist throughout my life; I’ve enjoyed photography, painting, colored pencil and pastel artwork as hobbies.  Expanding on those arts digitally, I have developed a photographic style through an artist’s perspective; I empathize with my subjects, understand each individual’s deeper beauty, and capture that with my camera.  

I have enjoyed discovering the many genres of photography, specifically portrait, still life, and landscape photography. I find the work of all artists old and new highly inspirational and they drive my desire to recreate their work through my own portraiture.  

I am a lifestyle photographer, here to capture the special moments of your life for you.  Whether the need is for a personal portrait, headshot, website portrait, senior portraits, wedding, maternity and newborn photos, or for the family album to preserve family history, I enjoy working with my clients to achieve results that bring out their highest and best selves.

<H2>My Services, Your Investment</H2>

Here is where I’m supposed to “sell myself” and tell you why you should pick me. But I’m not going to do that.  

Instead, I just want to give you a bit of advice.

Please. Please. PLEASE find a photographer that you like. A good photographer will give you great photos (that’s important) but it’s also important that you find a photographer whose personality and style jives with yours. 

Cost is important too…but just try not to let it be the deciding factor.

Meet and talk with a lot of photographers before deciding who to go with. Find someone who meets these 2 criteria first (and then figure out how to pay for it)

1. You love their photos.
2. You love (or maybe just really like) the photographer.

If you’re interested in working with me, or want to ask me “the difficult” questions (schedule, cost, etc.), please get in touch with me...

By email ~Rhonda@RhondaRomanPhoto.com   
By phone ~707.455.8300

Talk to you soon!

One thing I hate is creepy sales people. So instead of trying to convince you how “awesome” I am, I thought I'd just share what a few of my clients have said about me and my work.

<H2> Testimonials from Happy Clients </H2>

This is going to age me.  My first camera was not on my phone.  My first camera, a Polaroid, has gone the way of the Dodo, along with my old rotary phone.

I've lived through a few generations of what it means to be a photographer, but can honestly say I didn't really focus on my work until I had grown children.  I didn't think about becoming a professional photographer.  It's much too fun to be an actual job, right?  

I’ve been an artist throughout my life; I’ve enjoyed photography, painting, colored pencil and pastel artwork. Expanding into digital art, my photographic style comes through an artist’s perspective. 

I believe in encouraging others to be photographers and artists.  The world needs its dreamers. Creative souls are nourished here.  If you want to know how I do something, I'm happy to teach you.  

I'm far too adventurous for my daughter's comfort.  My son thinks I listen to music far too loudly. I dance when I'm happy.  I speak my mind.  I'm a hugger.  

I wander alone happily.  I like my own company and being able to hear my own thoughts.  I love the sound the wind makes blowing through the trees.  

There's more, of course.  If you want to know, just ask!

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